Why Should Parents Bring Their Children to The Pediatric Dentist?

Why Should Parents Bring Their Children to The Pediatric Dentist?

Feb 02, 2022

Before your child starts teething, you should have considered reaching out to a pediatric dentist. Besides, the oral needs of children keep changing as they age, so you need an expert’s help as soon as possible.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry dedicated solely to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of dental problems for children. Pediatric health care accounts for children from infancy throughout their teenage years. When a child grows past the adolescent years, they are ready to be handled as young adults.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Pediatric care near you concerns offering various dental services catering to all the oral needs of children. At one point, a pediatric dentist will be addressing the teething problems of an infant, while at another point, catering to the dental alignment needs of teenagers. The following are a few of the services are particular for pediatric dental care:

  1. Fluoride treatment – involves nourishing natural teeth with fluoride varnish to strengthen teeth and fight against dental cavities.
  2. Dental sealants – are types of dental fillings particularly designed for preventive dental care for molars and premolars. When applied, dental sealants create a barrier for the back teeth to prevent plaque buildup and reduce the likelihood of dental cavities for the back teeth.
  3. Habit counseling – is a service offered to help children abandon poor oral habits that may compromise their dental health. It helps kids let go of poor habits like teeth grinding, fingernail biting, thumbsucking, to mention a few.
  4. Oral hygiene services – dental cleanings and sensitization regarding proper teeth cleaning techniques are paramount for pediatric dentistry. Kids’ dentists in West New York prioritize oral hygiene for children as it is the basis for excellent dental health in the long term.
  5. Space maintainers – are oral devices that save space in the mouth, usually upon premature tooth loss. With a space maintainer, you do not have to worry about the alignment of your child’s teeth after they lose the baby teeth too early into their childhood.

Which Dental Care Should You Prefer for Your Child: General or Pediatric?

Other than pediatric dentistry, children can benefit from other dentists in dentistry. For instance, general dentists are more than capable of providing dental services to your children are any given point. As such, it begs the question; which of the two specialties of dentistry is most suitable for your child? The good thing is that you do not have to make that decision alone. Taking to a dentist near you will give you more clarity on what your child needs are relative to the available services. Still, pediatric dentistry stands out from general dentistry for the following reasons:

  1. Personalized services – unlike general dentistry that is more inclusive in service provision, kid’s dentistry is dedicated to dental care for children. It means that all the services offered by a pediatric dentist are personalized for children.
  2. Child-friendly environment – since pediatric dentistry is niched to children from infancy to adolescence, the dental facilities are conducive for the young ones. Dental experts ensure that the décor in the dental clinic befits the interests of children, creating a comfortable environment for them.
  3. A better understanding of children’s oral needs – pediatric dentists are trained and skilled in handling the oral needs of children. As such, they have a proper grasp of their dental issues, providing even proactive measures to manage good dental health. Besides, children have dental needs that keep changing as they grow up. As such, kids benefit more from pediatric dentists than general dentists.
  4. Ability to handle behavioral problems and tweak habits – an outstanding trait that our pediatric dentists at Complete Dental Works – West New York have is patience when handling difficult and stubborn children. With years of experience and training, all the bad habits your child may have will not hinder a pediatric dentist from offering proper dental care.
  5. Perfect for dental emergencies – children have a higher likelihood of encountering dental emergencies than adults, especially in their younger years. For such, you need a dentist for kids’ on standby who can offer urgent treatments when your child has an oral emergency.