When to Consider Dental Crowns

When to Consider Dental Crowns

Nov 20, 2018

If one of your teeth is seriously damaged, painful, or in some other way compromised, time is of the essence. You need to get help as soon as you can from your dentist. The faster you can identify and treat the problem you are having with your oral health, the less damage will be done. For example, in the case of a simple cavity, when it first begins, you might feel some tooth sensitivity or pain, but over time, you will notice that the pain will become greater and greater, sometimes even over the course of years! At the end of it all, some people lose their teeth or find themselves with a very painful root canal infection.

During your exam with the dentist, you will be thoroughly examined and checked for the problems and solutions to your unique situation. This exam will not only focus on the problem, but it will look at the rest of the teeth, the gums, and anything else that could negatively affect your oral health. Your dentist’s goal is not to just extend the life of the tooth, but also to preserve your natural smile for as long as possible.

A Dental Crown Can Add Support

If your smile is compromised, it could be that a dental crown is the best option for extending the life of your tooth. If your tooth has been cracked by some kind of injury or perhaps tooth decay, a dental crown can provide extra support to the tooth. It can save a tooth that might otherwise need to be immediately extracted. A dental crown is a specialized procedure that is meant to preserve your natural teeth and smile.

Great for Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Unfortunately, it can seem very easy to chip or crack a tooth, especially if you are active in sports. Sometimes, people can think that an extraction is their only option. Thankfully, due to dental crowns, that isn’t the case!

If you still have more questions concerning your options to extend the life of your teeth, all of us here at Complete Dental Works in West New York, NJ, would love the opportunity to help! Please give us a call today to set up your very first appointment!