What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Jan 01, 2021

A bright and youthful smile is a sign of good oral health, and it is a desire of many people. However, because of several factors, the teeth can darken. This will affect not only your smile but also your confidence. That is probably why most people are seeking cosmetic teeth whitening services.

Getting your teeth bleached professionally is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your teeth and gums. We offer professional teeth whitening services to help you attain your desired smile. But, before you can come for a teeth whitening session, it is crucial to know what causes the teeth to change their shade in the first place.

What Causes the Teeth to Discolor?

Several factors can cause your teeth to change color like:

  • Dark pigmented foods and drinks. The more you consume foods and beverages like wine, coffee, tea, cocoa, the higher chances of your teeth discoloring. It is advisable to limit your consumption of these foods. If you do take them, ensure you rinse your mouth immediately to prevent the enamel from absorbing the content.
  • Age. As we grow older, the enamel begins to dissolve and become thin, exposing the dentin (brown or yellow). This will cause the teeth to appear darker.
  • Tobacco smoking. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause your teeth to darken. Furthermore, smoking also affects the gums and can increase the risk of getting gum disease.

How Do We Whiten Your Teeth?

There are two options: professional (in-office) and at-home teeth whitening. We recommend getting professional teeth whitening service from a licensed dentist. We use two whitening methods to get your teeth white; GLO technology and Philips Zoom.

GLO Technology

GLO technology is designed to use heat and light to hasten the whitening process. When you come for a whitening session, the dentist will apply a whitening agent on your teeth and then place the GLO whitening mouthpiece over your teeth. Warm heat and light are released to accelerate the whitening action. You can get bright teeth within minutes. GLO Technology allows you to remove the stains without the fear of gum irritation.

Philips ZOOM

Philips ZOOM teeth whitening treatment uses a whitening agent and ZOOM activated light to get rid of discoloration. Two options are available: ZOOM WhiteSpeed and QuickPro.

ZOOM QuickPro

The beauty of QuickPro is that You’ll spend less time in the dentist’s office. The teeth whitening treatment allows you to get four shades lighter within 30 minutes.

We do the teeth whitening procedure immediately after your routine assessment and cleaning. Our dentist will first prep your mouth and gums and apply a thin layer of varnish on each tooth. Next, a layer of protective sealant is applied to protect your mouth from sensitivity. Finally, the varnish is brushed off after 30 minutes.

It takes 10 minutes to apply the whitening agent, and in 30 minutes, you’ll have a bright smile.

ZOOM WhiteSpeed

WhiteSpeed takes 45 minutes and gives you eight shades brighter. The whitening process begins with the dentist assessing the current shade of your teeth. Next, your teeth are prepared for whitening, and a thin layer of advanced whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The WhiteSpeed LED lamp is used to speed up the whitening process.

This process is repeated three times for 15-minute each session. Once you have attained the desired shade, the dentist will apply a post-whitening gel to reduce teeth sensitivity.

The dentist will give you a customized take-home whitening kit to help you maintain your teeth white.

Is Home-teeth whitening Safe?

Several cosmetic whitening products can provide minimal whitening effects. Yes, these products contain hydrogen peroxide, but it’s usually too little. You’ll notice some stain removal, but the results will not be significant. Additionally, they can cause teeth sensitivity and irritate the gums.

Also, using products like baking soda and activated charcoal will not have any positive effects. Plus, they may affect the enamel and causes it to weaken.

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