When an inner tooth infection occurs, it is necessary to stop the spread of infection and preserve the tooth. The chance of a pulp infection healing on its own or with antibiotics is highly unlikely. Left untreated, an abscess can develop around the diseased tooth, and the problem may worsen and spread.

Root Canal Treatment in West New York, NJ

Root canal therapy in West New York alleviates pain and saves natural teeth by eliminating the diseased pulp and preventing the spread of infection. Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro will recommend this common endodontic procedure to 07093 area patients with severe inner tooth damage.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, painful chewing, gum tenderness or swelling, intolerance to cold or heat or tooth discoloration, contact our West New York dental office to book an appointment.

Root Canal at Complete Dental Works

Root canal therapy in West New York is completed in two office visits. First, Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro will take a digital x-ray to examine the extent of the pulp infection. This will allow your West New York root canal dentist to devise an informed treatment plan. Then, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area. The entire pulp chamber and canals are cleaned out thoroughly after the damaged pulp is removed. Later, the tooth is shaped, filled and sealed.

Lastly, a porcelain crown is placed to strengthen the weakened tooth structure and restore its natural function and appearance.

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