First-time parents might wonder when the right time is to take their child to visit a West New York dentist. The next question is should the initial appointment be with a pediatric dentist or a general dentist? The answer depends on your child’s unique needs.

Pediatric Dentistry in West New York, NJ

A pediatric dentist completes more extensive education focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dental issues that affect children. A kid’s dentist in West New York has a few additional years of training in the dental needs of infants, children, and teens. We’re happy to offer comprehensive children’s dentistry in a warm, comfortable kid-friendly environment.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me

A children’s dentist provides the same treatments and procedures as a general dentist. Typical services rendered include cleanings, exams, extractions, and fillings. In certain cases, parents may want a dentist with specialized training who knows how to cater to kids. Dr. Ro and Dr. Cantuarias at Complete Dental Works believe that a big part of children’s dentistry involves teaching parents and patients how to properly care for kid’s teeth.

General vs. Child Dentist

To know which dental care provider is best for your child first requires a visit. After the initial appointment, parents can gain enough information to determine whether a general dentist or pediatric dentist is right for your family.

Not all general dentists are trained to treat children, but some dentists are able to treat patients of all ages. Dr. Ro and Dr. Cantuarias are West New York dentists who cater to kids and keeps them safe, comfortable and involved during every appointment.

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