A filling is used to repair and restore a decayed or damaged tooth. To place a dental filling your West New York dentist will first drill the area to remove the cavity. Dr. Cantuarias or Dr. Ro, a dentist in West New York will then pack the empty space with the appropriate filling material. Since filling materials are designed to mimic the durability and appearance of natural teeth, they are also effective at repairing chipped or broken enamel.

After the filing is inserted, Dr. Cantuarias or Dr. Ro will mold the material into the shape of the tooth. A curing light will harden the filling in seconds, and then the completed restoration will be shaped and polished.


Today, there are several materials used to fill teeth:

  • Traditional Silver Amalgam: Also known as metal or silver fillings, this is the strongest and most durable filling material available. Amalgam fillings are still widely used, particularly on the chewing surfaces.
  • Gold: Fillings made of gold are very durable and can last up to two decades. This is not a common choice, as gold fillings are more expensive.
  • Tooth-colored Composite: White fillings are the most popular type of material. Made of a composite resin base, these dental fillings are designed to match the color of natural teeth. Composites are less durable than amalgam and like natural teeth, are susceptible to staining.

For dental fillings in West New York, Dr. Cantuarias, or Dr. Ro, the dentist 07093 will advise you on the best material to restore your smile. For additional information about dental fillings, please call our friendly dental staff at Complete Dental Works to learn more.

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