Digital impressions allow our West New York dentists to create a computer-generated reproduction of mouth tissues using lasers and other scanning devices. The advanced dental technology captures accurate and clear impression data in minutes. There is no need for messy and inconvenient impression materials. Digital impressions in West New York done at Complete Dental Works are a simpler and more comfortable procedure. The information from the impression is transferred to a computer and used to make dental restorations.


Currently, dentists use two types of digital impressions. One involves a series of digital photographs, the other a digital video. Lasers or digital optical scanning can be used to capture these images.


There are many advantages to using digital impression technology. It increases productivity, accuracy, and efficiency and makes it possible for Dr. Ro and Dr. Cantuarias to forward virtual impressions electronically to the lab, instead of having to send a traditional stone model through the mail. In addition, digital impressions are used to create same-day restorations, accelerating the treatment process, and reducing the need for repeated office visits.

An appointment with West New York dentist will turn out to be the conversation where you understand the utmost importance of digital impressions, as well as how and why they play a role in your dental health.

Digital impressions at Complete Dental Works also include:

  • Enhanced impression and image quality for better-fitting restorations
  • Less time in the dental chair
  • More comfortable process for patients and the dental staff
  • No need for messy impression material
  • Reduced possibility of errors when taking impressions

In just 3–5 minutes the scan of the affected teeth, bite, and opposing teeth can be completed.

Taking digital impressions save space because they can be stored indefinitely electronically. This makes for more efficient record keeping and eco-friendly dentistry with less paper and no disposable plastic or impression materials.

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