Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is much better than having to treat decay and oral disease! While brushing and flossing every day are essential habits, so are routine dental cleanings and exams. To keep your smile looking and functioning its best, visit Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro at Complete Dental Works every six months. Regular oral health checkups allow the West New York dentists to monitor your smile for budding dental issues and helps keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, fluoride treatment or dental sealants may be recommended for added protection against tooth decay.

Dental Exam in West New York, NJ

During a routine dental exam, your West New York dentist will check the condition of your gums and inspect each tooth. Dr. Cantuarias or Dr. Ro will look for signs of tooth decay, cavities, teeth clenching or grinding, gum disease and other oral health concerns. X-rays may be taken at this time.

Teeth Cleaning in West New York, NJ

Our West New York dental team first look for visible signs of tooth decay and exam the integrity of any existing tooth fillings or dental restorations. A periodontal exam will also be performed which involves inspecting your gum health.

A dental hygienist will clean all teeth surfaces to remove all signs of plaque and tartar. Your teeth will then be flossed and polished. You may also receive a demonstration of proper flossing and brushing techniques. After teeth are completely clean, some patients receive a professional strength fluoride treatment for added strength and protection.

Other Services