Restore Your Smile in Just One Day

Restore Your Smile in Just One Day

Jul 16, 2019

If you think that getting false teeth or dentures is your only option when you lose a tooth or two, you are wrong. False teeth are uncomfortable and they provide a temporary solution to your permanent problem. You should consider going for same-day dental implants. They are fast, comfortable and have a chance of lasting longer than false teeth.

The same-day dental implant procedure can be explained in these two steps:

Step 1 – Titanium, screw-shaped implants are put in your upper or lower jaw bone under the gumv

Step 2 – After putting the implant in the jaw bone, bridges and false teeth are attached to the implants to replace the missing teeth

This entire process is totally worth it. After the new teeth is attached immediately, it looks and functions exactly like the natural teeth. This process is far simpler and more comfortable than dentures. Also, as the implants are fixed directly into the jaw, they fit perfectly. Complete Dental Works will make sure you get the best dentist in West New York to fix your missing teeth.

Why Choose Same-Day Implants?

Other than the reasons we already mentioned earlier, there are other few reasons to go for the same-day implant surgery.

Firstly, it is safe. You will not have to risk losing teeth or further damaging your jaw with this surgery. It looks natural and functions exactly like the tooth earlier so that you do not have to get adjusted with it. Also, you will not need to replace it every now and then. It is a permanent solution to your permanent problem. You do not have to worry that your teeth will slip or dislodge from its place. Lastly, it is a process of one day. You do not have to book multiple appointments to the dentists 07093. You get the last solution in one day.

If you have a missing tooth, do not hesitate to visit any dentist near you. We, at Complete Dental Works, have some of the best dentists in West New York. Make sure you book an appointment in case of any urgent or non-urgent dental problems.