Prevent Extensive Tooth Decay By Treating Cavities While They Are Small

Prevent Extensive Tooth Decay By Treating Cavities While They Are Small

Sep 05, 2018

The habit of inconsistent or inadequate daily oral hygiene increases a wide variety of dental health problems. One of the most concerning of these is tooth decay because, if you don’t receive timely treatment, a minor cavity will continue to grow within the tooth. If a cavity is detected early, our dentist in West New York can often repair it with a standard and conservative dental filling.
Our team begins placing a dental filling by numbing the area surrounding the tooth so that we can comfortably remove any decayed areas of the tooth enamel and form a clean and healthy surface for the dental filling.

Dr. Isela Cantuarias and Dr. Ro recommends dental filling material based on both the primary function and overall appearance of the affected tooth in your smile. Typically, amalgam and composite dental fillings can be placed in just one appointment. Amalgam is often an optimal choice for repairing back teeth because the metallic blend is durable; however, since they are a darkened color, amalgam fillings may not be ideal for repairing a cavity on a prevalent tooth in your mouth.

If you need a filling that shows in your smile, we may recommend composite resin, which is a special combination of dental plastic that is shaded to flawlessly match the color of your surrounding healthy tooth enamel.

After we have applied, cured, and hardened the filling, it can strengthen the tooth for years to come. If you suspect a cavity has developed in your smile, we encourage you to not delay contacting Complete Dental Works scheduling an appointment to speak with our dentist about receiving a dental filling in New Jersey.