Make your smile beautiful with digital smile design treatment

Make your smile beautiful with digital smile design treatment

Today, people desire for the naturally beautiful smile which integrates with their physical characteristics. Dental restoration procedures are performed across the globe. Many patients need restorative procedures due to their impacted oral health and appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a lot of options such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns. These procedures are not as effective as digital smile design which offers the best results and a predictable outcome.

Digital smile design is a systematic approach in West New York that has achieved functional and aesthetic dentistry. It is a unique dental treatment planning tool which allows diagnosis, improves communication, planning of treatment and execution between dental providers and patients. A treatment plan is based on the complete analysis of the patient’s dental and facial structure.

The dentist uses photos, videos and temporary mock-ups to understand the relationship between the lips, gums and teeth and their working. They also talk about the patient’s goals and desires.

How to start with a digital smile design process?

To learn more about the process, search the dentist near me and learn about the benefits of digital smile design. The dentist will take 3D photo and video of every corner of the mouth. This kind of digital scan is done with an intraoral scanner. The initial screening takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Intraoral scanners allow viewing the mouth completely. The dentist will check every image that comes up on the screen. This gives assurance that the image captured is from the appropriate angle to have a final result. This will save a lot of time and no additional imaging is required after the consultation also.

Process of digital smile design

The dentist in 07093 puts the data into the software to understand the forms and shapes that can be placed over the tops of the teeth. This gives information about what type of physical model needs to be created.

To enhance the smile, the patient must communicate with the dentist about the wants and needs regularly. Check the 3D model and approve the images of how your smile will look once the treatment is complete. This will give the temporary idea of how your teeth will when you will speak and smile.

The dentist in West New York starts the process once the patient approves. The model is kept in the mouth temporarily as a preparation guide. The damaged teeth are removed and restored with implants or veneers. The polishing is done so the teeth look shiny and clean.

Benefits of digital smile design

  • The photos and videos provide a complete understanding of interconnection and movement between the teeth, gums, lips and smile.
  • The complete picture of your emotions can also be viewed due to the unique personal facial characteristics.
  • The dentist understands what will be the best whether porcelain veneers or crowns.
  • The results are nearly perfect and look like natural facial features.
  • There should be cooperation, systematic teamwork and communication of the process specific to each individual to achieve high-quality, aesthetically appealing and functional results.

You can achieve all the above-mentioned benefits with digital smile design and enhance your smile that reflects your nature and personality.

The need for digital design smile

Resolving functional problems of the teeth, gums, lips and jaws is not enough. Everybody wants beautiful smiles which makes them attractive. Smile and teeth show your looks and teeth should also be properly aligned. Every patient is different and their needs also. Applying the same set of treatment will not give the desired results.

Digital smile design does not offer one type of treatment only. The main focus is on the patients’ needs and wants. You can get the smile that integrates with your facial features once the treatment is complete.

Many dental providers use a few aspects of digital imaging or software because they might not have a complete solution like digital smile design. The dentist will not be able to give the assurance of how the smile will look after the treatment. Therefore, digital smile design is one of the leading dental technologies and ensures the best dental treatment for all patients. This will give you the desired smile.