Latest Dental Procedures Followed by Dentists in 2021

Latest Dental Procedures Followed by Dentists in 2021

Jun 01, 2021

Dental technology continues to evolve to benefit patients. The Covid-19 pandemic changed things forever in the medical field and dentistry over the past year. Currently, if you visit the dentist near you for routine exams and cleanings, they are likely to surprise you using the latest dental procedures in 2021.

That said, let us focus on new dental technology that dentists are currently using to ensure they take off with advanced dentistry in 2021.

What Are the Latest Dental Procedures Adopted by Dentists in 2021?

As mentioned earlier, dentistry innovations have continued to evolve, but many dentists used traditional methods when providing dental treatments. Perhaps the lack of finances to invest in new technology prevented dental professionals from adopting the latest dental procedures. Unfortunately, the time to evade dentistry innovations no longer remains with the pandemic wreaking havoc and compelling dentists to invest in technology, helping them provide updated procedures. What are the techniques dentists are using in 2021?

Robotics For Dental Implants

Many surgeries have benefited from robotics used to assist and enhance the medical practitioner’s knowledge and insight. It is unlikely for robots to replace physicians, but patients can experience enhanced and even improved surgical results with help from robotic technology.

Robotics enhance accuracy, precision, workflows, and uniform results for patients. While dental implants are highly successful, risks are also involved. Nerve damage and implant failure occur. This is where navigational surgery technology with robotics can help improve success rates by guiding the surgeon during dental implant placements with precision and consistency.

Dentists are in the business of medicine to help patients. If tools like robotics help them deliver better results, patients can expect to see enhanced use of robotic dental technology, especially for dental implant placements and other complicated dental procedures.

Intraoral Scanner

Dental patients at some time have impressions of their teeth taken biting into a tray with an unpleasant material. ITero the intraoral scanner now relegates the impressions to history. Dentists scan the patient’s mouth using an intraoral device to create a digital image. The procedure is quick and painless and helps patients needing Invisalign or other restorative dental needs. The intraoral scanner even allows patients to see how their smile looks like after treatment with Invisalign braces. Intraoral scanners will likely become the gold standard resulting in improved patient experiences and dental results.

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

Unlike traditional dental crowns, CEREC same-day counts require merely one visit to your dentist’s office. Generally, traditional crowns require multiple visits over a few weeks until you can have them.

Dentists take off your teeth to create a ceramic crown in a couple of hours as you wait in the dentist’s office. Same-day crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns and eliminate the need for temporary crowns over your teeth until your permanent placements are ready. CEREC crowns decrease the time spent by the patient at the dentist’s office receiving a restoration in a few hours instead of a few weeks.

LED Light Teeth Whitening

If you search for teeth whitening options, you will likely be inundated with the many products displayed on shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets. However, your dentist will probably use LED light teeth whitening with the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. LED light teeth whitening eliminates the requirement of kits with hydrogen peroxide or the painful and inconsistent results from laser teeth whitening. LED light teeth whitening for professional and at-home use will increase over the years with the results they deliver.

New Dentistry Innovations

The field of technology and medicine continues to evolve rapidly. As a patient, you need to find a dentist near you, providing the best care and gaining your trust. Using state-of-the-art dental technology is part of the process of earning your trust.

As a patient, it is your responsibility to stay informed on the latest dental trends in 2021 and prepare yourselves to ask your dentist any questions in your mind to ensure you understand the pros and cons of all dental procedures and the options available to you if you need routine cleanings, dental implants, teeth whitening, or orthodontic treatment.

Dentistry innovations were frequently introduced to help dentists provide better treatments to patients. The pandemic, which struck in 2019 and is still raging, perhaps encouraged dentists to incorporate the innovations to offer the latest dental procedures in 2021.