FastBraces the New Way of Having a Straighter Smile within A Few Months

FastBraces the New Way of Having a Straighter Smile within A Few Months

Feb 01, 2020

Wouldn’t you be overjoyed if informed that you can close the gaps between your teeth, straighten your crooked teeth, and become one among the millions that love their smiles in just a few months? We are certain you will begin researching for a dentist to inquire whether he or she can provide the treatment for you. Unless the dentist you approach can also provide you FastBraces he or she will in every likelihood refer you to an orthodontist for this new revolutionary system that is a fast, safe, easy and affordable way of changing the appearance of your teeth.

You may have difficulties understanding how FastBraces can correct the problems with your teeth when conventional methods need over two years and cost you an arm and a leg. Let us explain how this revolutionary system works to help you understand better and decide whether you want to have your teeth straightened within just a few months as compared to the traditional 18 to 24 months needed by conventional braces or invisible aligners.

How Can FastBraces Work This Fast?

FastBraces function on a different mechanical principle, unlike conventional braces that move the teeth into the desired position in two stages. The first year is dedicated to moving the Crown of the tooth into position and the position of the root is only addressed in the second year. The patented system from FastBraces utilizes an innovative triangular bracket along with a specially shaped square wire to rectify the position of the root of the tooth from the onset of the treatment. This combination allows the system to realign the root and Crown simultaneously.

What Is the Duration of the Treatment Time?

The technology from FastBraces allows the movement of the roots of the teeth gently towards their ultimate position from the beginning of the treatment to achieve root parallelism from the beginning stages and therefore completes the treatment from approximately three months to one year. Some patients have confirmed that they have witnessed results in just a few weeks.

Is the Treatment Less Painful Than Conventional Braces?

Research conducted by universities has revealed that the technology from FastBraces applies low mean frictional forces causing a reduction in the sliding friction as well as a reduction in the pain when fitting front and back teeth together.

What Can FastBraces Provide You?

FastBraces can provide you with an opportunity to join the thousands of people that are enjoying the benefit of successful smiles ever since it was introduced in the market in 1992. Adults and children have both witnessed the benefits of this innovative system. Having a healthy and beautiful smile is always priceless because it can instill confidence in you. The technology from FastBraces is responsible for a happier life both professionally and personally for thousands of patients and you will be an addition to the ever-growing list of patients that are enjoying the benefits of having straighter teeth in their mouths.

Where Can You Find This Technology?

As the research for the dentist near you did not prove successful we suggest you research again for FastBraces near you that will definitely bring you the results you desire. You may be directed to the dentist in West New York, NJ, but can confidently visit the dentist because he or she can provide you with FastBraces in West New York. Visiting this dental office will give you the confidence that you can eventually correct the problems in your mouth with help coming from a revolutionary technology like FastBraces.

Will You Be Considered Suitable for This Treatment?

The dentist in West New York, NJ, will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment or not by conducting a comprehensive examination of your mouth and smile. X-rays will also be taken along with impressions to help the dentist create a treatment plan suitable for your unique needs. You may believe that any orthodontist will be moving ahead similarly if you approach him or her with the problems in your mouth. However conventional fixed braces need to remain in your mouth for nearly 2 to 3 years and clear aligners need at least 6 to 18 months. Both these treatments can set you back by $ 3000-$ 8000 and even if you are covered by dental insurance the reimbursement will not bring a major portion of the investment back. FastBraces has you covered from all angles. The treatment time is lower and so is the cost of the treatment by nearly 50%.

FastBraces will not require you to schedule by weekly appointments with your orthodontist ensuring you spend less money on dentists’ visits and benefit in every possible way from the time you save. If you have problems with your teeth FastBraces has a safe and affordable remedy to correct the problem.