Digital Smile Design: An Ingenious Tool Used In Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital Smile Design: An Ingenious Tool Used In Cosmetic Dentistry

Aug 01, 2021

Countless people across the world are seeking ways to improve their smiles. Whether due to cosmetic reasons or even accidents or injuries, having a beautiful smile is always a huge plus in life. That’s why our dentist in West New York, NJ, offers cosmetic dentistry and takes it a notch higher by using digital smile design.

At times, teeth whitening might not be enough to get the desired results. On the other hand, not all the procedures offered have the same results for every patient. It is where digital smile design in WNY enters the stage. With digital smile design, can uniquely revamp each smile , and you can visualize your future smile.

Understanding Digital Smile Design

Unless you are well conversant with technical dental terms, you probably have not heard of digital smile design. However, digital smile design is an ingenious and multipurpose tool used to strengthen diagnostic vision, enhance communication, and improve predictability throughout your treatment.

Having an awesome smile is not just about having whitened teeth. There is a careful balance between facial and dental characteristics and other critical factors that can overlook during the routine clinic, diagnostic, or photographic-based evaluation procedures.

Digital smile design allows our dentist in West New York, NJ, to draw reference shapes and lines over intra- and extraoral digital photographs in a sequence to broaden diagnostic visualization.

With such traits, our dentist has enough information to help evaluate each case’s risk factors and limitations, including disharmonies, asymmetries, and violation of aesthetic principles.

Digital smile design has evolved over the years to where it is now, being used with the best equipment and used by professionals worldwide. However, to get the best from the tool, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

    • Photography Protocol

Photographs must be taken with the highest quality and precision. The posture should be correct to ensure that all the facial lines are properly established. If the photos are taken poorly, it will lead to a wrong diagnosis and negatively impact the future treatment plan.

    • Videography Protocol

The videos are taken with a focus strictly adjusted on the mouth. It will have proper framing, exposure, and zoom. Four videos taken from various angles would help develop a perfect smile frame.

The Digital Smile Design Process

As mentioned earlier, the key to a proper diagnosis is taking excellent photographs. Therefore, three photographic views are essential:

  • Full face when you have a wide smile
  • Full face when at rest
  • Retracted view of the full maxillary arch

Our dentist will use intraoral scanners since they are effective in viewing the mouth from several angles. You can also watch on the screen a future projection of how your smile will look like a few months after treatment.

Then, our dentist will use the digital smile design to perform facial analysis using reference lines. There will be vertical and horizontal lines crossed over the photos taken to aid in measuring symmetry.

A digital ruler will be used if there are changes that need to be made. Therefore, our dentist will calibrate the photo to calculate the widths of your teeth. You will need to take part in the process to ensure that your personal needs are met.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design has the following benefits:

    • Superior Aesthetic Diagnosis

In most cases, aesthetic concerns are overlooked when dentists use traditional methods. However, our dentist can visualize and analyze problems overlooked clinically using digital photography and digital analysis that comes with digital smile design.

    • Excellent Communication During the Process

Traditionally, a smile design was done mechanically. It  is a signal of insufficient information; therefore, a patient’s smile can’t be transformed as they’d envisioned. However, with digital smile design, our dentist can chart the course of treatment so that our patients can see. This helps meet the patient’s needs and improve the predictability of the treatment.

    • Proper Evaluation of the Results

Throughout the entire process, you will receive a precise evaluation of the results. At any time, you can see where you are at during treatment and what to expect during the next phase.

As you have seen, digital smile design can alter your experience. Contact our dentist in West New York, NJ, at Complete Dental Works if you need to have a brand new smile.