Dental Filling Process

Dental Filling Process

Nov 08, 2018

Even though dental fillings are probably one of the most common dental procedures conducted in a dentist’s office, if you don’t know what to expect, it might be a stressful appointment for you.

Not to worry, here’s a list of exactly what to expect in five easy steps!

  • When you come in for your exam the dentist will first examine your teeth and gums to assess your overall oral health and look at any issues that you may be experiencing. X-rays will follow, and this is an important step since they allow dentists to see areas of the tooth that are not visible otherwise.
  • An anesthetic is used for the purpose of numbing the area that the dentist will be working. Its use will insure a pain-free experience during the procedure. Typical anesthetics used include a topical agent which has numbing properties and a shot applied to the area that has been treated by the numbing agent.
  • Before your dentist actually fills your tooth, all decay will be removed to assure maximum health of the tooth after the actual dental filling process. This is usually where a drill is used, but don’t fret, your tooth will be numb and you shouldn’t feel anything during the procedure.
  • This is the step you’ve been waiting for – filling the tooth. Your dentist in West New York will fill the space where the decay has removed using any one of some materials ranging from metal to a tooth-colored composite filling. Depending on the material used, your dentist may use a hand-held tool to cure the filling for maximum results.
  • You’re almost ready to go. The last step is to polish the area so it feels smooth like the rest of your teeth. It’s also during this time that your dentist will check your bite to make any adjustments if needed. This is an important step since you want your teeth to feel normal when you close your mouth.

If you think it’s time for a dental filling process in WNY, why not make an appointment with Complete Dental Works today? You’re only a few steps away from a happy, healthy smile!