Apr 26, 2019

Root Canal is a procedure in case when oral damage is high and has reached to nerves. It is a procedure that can ensure a better result by maintaining the overall oral health. Often people avoid taking this solution because they have a common misconceptions.

1. Will I be left with dead tooth after root canal treatment on my tooth?

Many believe that after root canal treatment is done, they will be left with the dead tooth but this is not true. In case of root canal, the treated tooth is still functional. It is a living tooth which is not rejected. It can still feel a pressure sensation.

2. Are root canals essential before crowns?

Many believe that if crowns opted as a solution, they may need root canal treatment for sure but this is not always the case. On the other hand, if a patient goes for root canal treatment, he/she may require getting a crown.

3. When root canals are needed? Does it require only in pain?

Root canal may be a suggested option in cases:

  • When there is severe nerve pain in the tooth which is not improving.
  • When an abscess is formed around the root and is detected in an x-ray.
  • When there exists a large cavity above the nerve as detected in an x-ray.

Not all the situations of a root canal may be painful and a dentist at 07093 may suggest opting for root canal treatment just after the analysis even when pain does not exist.

4. Are root canals painful and take long term?

A root canal is a simple process that may take only 1–2 hours. In some cases, it may take even 5–6 hours. After the treatment, a patient may feel some pain but an expert dentist in West New York provides necessary medication for the same.

5. Are root canals expensive?

Not every root canal treatment is expensive. You can search dentist near you to know the exact cost associated with your root canal treatment. If required insurance for the same may also be obtained.