A Missing Tooth Makes It Hard to Smile. Restore Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

A Missing Tooth Makes It Hard to Smile. Restore Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

Jan 01, 2019

Are you struggling to eat, chew, or smile properly? Have you lost one or more teeth? Is it making you conscious of your appearance? Losing teeth with age is a normal phenomenon but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. There are solutions for restoring your lost or broken tooth such as the Dental Bridge.

About Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used for restoring the lost tooth. The bridge makes use of dental crowns which are placed on your healthy or natural teeth. These crowns act as anchors that hold the prosthetic teeth which bridge the gap. It offers bridge the ability to replace one or more adjacent teeth. The prosthetic teeth are customized so that it can match with your porcelain crowns. This will help in making your smile appear natural.

How to Maintain Your Bridge

It is quite easy to maintain your bridge and the oral hygiene with the bridge on. The dental bridge is not removable so you can brush and floss near the anchor crowns for keeping them clean and free of plaque and bacteria. The bridge is usually long lasting, provided you keep them clean, maintain oral hygiene, and have regular dental visits.

About Implant Supported Bridges

With some patients, the dentists recommend Implant supported Bridges as they may be ideal for anchoring the bridge. The implant supported bridge is better than porcelain crown supported bridge as it is rooted in the jawbone. Thus, it helps in creating a firm base for the bridge. It simultaneously keeps your bone stimulates just a natural root. This helps in a prolonged life of your dental bridge as implants are known to have the potential of lasting a lifetime.

You must get a consultation on the types of crown and bridges and which one is appropriate in your dental situation. Your dentists will have a proper look and decide what is best for you. However, having a little information about the crowns and implants is better so that you make an informed choice.