8 Facts About Fastbraces That You Must Know!

8 Facts About Fastbraces That You Must Know!

Dec 01, 2020

Orthodontic treatment has evolved over the years, thanks to modern technology. Initially, traditional braces were the only treatment option for misaligned teeth. Nowadays, there are countless orthodontic treatment options. You may not even have the information about all the available treatment options. Fastbraces near you are one of the modern orthodontic treatment options.

The right information goes a long way in helping you get your orthodontic treatment. Fastbraces might be the treatment option you need for your misaligned teeth. Having the right information about them is important. It will help you know what to expect when you decide to go for this treatment option. This article has important facts about this treatment option.

What are Fastbraces?

This is an orthodontic treatment option that we use as a substitute for braces. Fastbraces are more similar to braces than other orthodontic treatment options. They are improved, and we prefer them over traditional braces in most cases. They are able to fix your misaligned teeth and give you the smile you need.

Talk to our dentist in west new york NJ if you have misaligned teeth. Our dentist can recommend this treatment option to fix your teeth. This treatment option will restore your healthy smile. Your smile is important, and once we restore it, you will be confident again.

How This Treatment Option Works

Fastbraces just like most orthodontic treatment options, work by shifting teeth into right positions. They use controlled pressure to shift your misaligned teeth and restore your smile. However, Fastbraces are a bit different from other treatment options. This treatment option does move both the crown and the root of your teeth.

This treatment option aligns your teeth by moving the roots first, then the crown. Your treatment will be shorter when using Fastbraces. You can talk to our dentist about Fastbraces near you if you have misaligned teeth.

Benefits of Fastbraces

This treatment option has its unique benefits. Our dentist in new york NJ will recommend Fastbraces if you qualify. This will ensure you get to smile and talk with confidence in public places. Such a treatment option can help you get back to a normal social life. These are some unique benefits of this treatment option.


Traditional braces are well known for their discomfort. Most patients avoid them because of the discomfort they cause. The case is different for this treatment option. It reduces discomfort, and most patients find it more comfortable than traditional braces. Fastbraces are lighter and flexible, making them more comfortable.

This is a gentle treatment option. It aligns teeth without causing any pain and friction. This is because it moves both the root and the crown simultaneously. There won’t be any discomfort when you use this treatment option to align your teeth.

There is Improved Oral Hygiene

It is hard to properly brush and floss your teeth when you have traditional braces. This affects your oral hygiene and can end up causing dental problems. With this treatment option, your oral hygiene won’t be affected. The treatment will only last for about six months. You can then get back to your oral hygiene routine afterward.

There is No Replacement Wire

With traditional braces, we will need to frequently replace the wire. The wire is responsible for tightening the braces, and we do replace it when it gets loose. With Fastbraces, there is no need for us to replace the wire. Once we fix it during your first visit, it will stay in place until you finish your treatment.


In the long run, this treatment option is more cost-effective than traditional braces. This is because you will only need a few visits when you are on this treatment option. Traditional braces require many visits to the dentist, which are costly.

Do I Qualify for This Treatment Option?

Contrary to popular belief, this treatment option is for people of all ages. Anyone with misaligned teeth can benefit from this treatment option regardless of their age. However, the treatment is more effective and faster in young people than aged ones. Talk to your dentist about this treatment option if you have misaligned teeth.

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