4 Things You Should Know About Oral Surgery

4 Things You Should Know About Oral Surgery

Dec 03, 2021

Any surgery can be a bit frightening when you hear about it. Frankly, oral surgeries are no different. Any oral surgeon near you will tell you how the procedure is done and what precautions you should be taking. Here are some facts you should know to make it easier for anyone who is not having oral surgeries.

What Should You Know Before an Oral Surgery?

The first part of your oral surgery is preparing for it. If you are unsure about the procedure, speak to your oral surgeon. They will let you know about the process and how it is done. If you have a health condition or take special medicines, your oral surgeon should know about that. If you are anxious about any part of the procedure, ask your surgeon to speak to you through the whole process.

Another thing to consider is if your insurance covers the payments of the procedure. Check out your papers and speak to your insurance agent if you are unsure. You wouldn’t want to be hit by surprise on top of your surgery.

Lastly, you will need transportation to and from the clinic. If you have a friend or family who can help you with the ride, that’s good. If not, make sure that you book a Uber when you are leaving the clinic.

How Can Oral Surgery Help?

Oral surgeries are often the last step in the treatment. However, they provide results, and you can have your smile back without any pain. Usually, your dentist will recommend oral surgery for any of the following cases.

  • Tooth extraction – If you have a broken or chipped tooth, your dentist might suggest surgery to prevent gum and tooth decay.
  • Dental implants – Since implants are used to replace a missing tooth, your surgeon will make a small incision on your gum and insert the implant.
  • Corrective jaw surgery – In this procedure, the surgeon fixes the misalignment of the jaw and teeth so that restorative measures can be implemented
  • Root amputation – If your tooth is multi-rooted, your oral surgeon might remove all but one root to ensure that there is no infection or gum decay.

Other than this, oral surgery can also help remove wisdom teeth and remove dead nerves from your gum. However, before performing the surgery, your dentist will let you know the causes and possible treatment for those symptoms. If you are unclear, ask your dentist to explain. You can also opt for other procedures once your dentist advises what treatments you need.

How Long Will It Take to Recover After Oral Surgery?

Generally, your recovery time depends on your surgery and your overall health conditions, and any medications you are taking. It also depends on the aftercare you receive after the procedure.

However, the general period for a simple extraction is 48-72 hours. Your dentist will ask you to relax for 48-72 hours after the clot has happened. The soft tissues will heal in 3-4 weeks based on your health and medical condition.

If you are wondering how long you should be off work, it depends on the amount of physical activity needed for your job. It is always better to speak to your oral surgeon about the physical exertions and time-offs before you decide.

Here are some pointers to help you recover quickly from your oral surgery

  • Avoid brushing, flossing, or chewing on the surgery location for a few days
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid using a straw, rinsing your mouth, or spitting for the first 48 hours after surgery
  • When sleeping, keep your head in an elevated position to prevent bleeding from the surgery location
  • Use a cold compress and/or pain medication if you experience any pain

Why Choose Complete Dental Works for Oral Surgery?

Thanks to modern medical innovation and technology, performing oral surgeries have become more accessible. With local anesthesia and pain medication, it is easier for patients to walk out of the clinic with little to no pain.

At Complete Dental Works, we believe in providing our patients with the most comfortable experience to all our patients. No matter what your questions are, our team of professionals is here to answer them for you. Contact us for a consultation today and experience the difference.